Must see

A few suggestions for activities beyond the Cabo de Gata natural park.

Sorbas’ caves (24km)

They are located in the Gypsum Karst natural park of Sorbas. They are made of gypsum crystals which creates a very unique radiance during your tour. Sorbas is among the 5 biggest gypsum karsts in the world, and is incontestably the biggest in Spain. They offer 3 routes with 3 levels of difficulty, from beginner to caving enthusiast.

Sorbas (26km)

road to sorbas - casa sol y luz

Very charming village atop cliffs dominating the Rio Aguas. The road to get there offers breathtaking views.

Mojacar (36km)

Ancient village colonized by the Greeks and Phoenicians for its abundance of precious metals. During the Moorish occupation, its important water resource made it a vital area. Mojacar la Vieja is nested atop a hill which offers a beautiful view upon the valley and the sea. It’s a steep village with narrow passages which are recommended to navigate on foot.

Almeria (58km)

The city was for a time the capital of Arabic Spain. The military fortress of Alcazaba which dominates the bay of Almeria still reflects a little of this grandeur. Other places like the cathedral or the museum of archeology are also worth visiting. You can also stroll along one of the main avenues, the Paseo of Almeria, enjoying the shade from the tall trees.

Tabernas’ desert (52km)

One of the only deserts in Europe where were shots Sergio Leone’s famous “spaghetti westerns”, a few scenes from Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, and more recently Exodus: Gods and Kings. It has been a protected natural park since 1989. It offers a wild and barren landscape, of a breathtaking lunar beauty. You can also visit a western village inspired by the famous movies shot there.

Guided tours in 4×4

A few companies offer tours of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata aboard a four-wheel drive vehicle to enjoy the beach, or the park itself.